Helping Publishers Build Sustainable Businesses

Are you a website publisher, retailer or app developer? Freestar offers ad management solutions  that focus on creating long-term growth to take your business to the next level. 


Our header bidding wrapper technology sets itself apart from the competition through our ideal ad stack technology. We provide the fastest bid responses, proprietary flooring algorithms, high-impact ad units, and a world class team of ad ops experts.


Need a boost from your Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) revenues or need to implement a cutting-edge upgrade to your ad stack? Our AMP monetization technology creates effective ways for publishers to monetize their inventory and deliver great yield from each ad impression.


Freestar’s app mediation platform gives you the power to maximize ad revenue while freeing up time to focus on building great in-app experiences. Our SDK is lightweight, demand agnostic, and leverages our proprietary auction technology maximizing the value of every impression.


A High-Tech, Publisher-First Results-Driven Company

Our custom approach integrates the perfect mix of client-side and server-side demand partners, ensuring your site’s monetization is optimized without unneeded latency.

  • 195+ Team Members
  • Located in Over 10+ Countries
  • Speaking Over 10+ Languages